Parking Motel


Frequently Asked Questions

Letting a space
  1. Who can let a space? Anybody can rent out their space on Parking Motel. There are areas where people are more likely to search for a space however. Anywhere near Luas stops, Dart stations, Stadiums, Venues, a City Centre or busy village is more likely to be short of parking and so easier to let out your space. If your space is in a gated complex you will need to supply a code/ key fob (you can request a deposit in this case). If the space is in a multi-storey car park we can provide Parking Motel signs to indicate which spaces are reserved for each users

  2. How do I list my parking space on Parking Motel? All you have to do is Sign Up, click on ‘Rent out your space’ and then follow the instructions. You can then manage your space and make changes simply by logging into your account.

  3. Can I add a space in my driveway? Yes. If you have space for more than one car in your driveway and have a car please give a clear description of where you would like the tenant to park, e.g “My car (a Volkswagen Golf) will always be parked on the right side of the driveway so please park on the left”.
  4. How much should I charge? When you add a space you can fill in a daily, a weekly and/or a monthly price. We recommend that you charge below the average rate in your area. So if the private car parks are €6 per day, you should charge €4 or €5 per day. There should also be a discount for weekly/ monthly rentals. If you charge €5 per day you might charge €20 per week (which means €4 per day), €60 per month (which means €3 per day).

  5. Do I have to pay tax on this extra income? There are schemes that allow you to earn tax-free income on your property like the ‘Rent a Room Scheme’ but we recommend that you speak with your accountant about this.

  6. How much could I earn? This will depend on how you price your space and how often it is rented but you could earn up to €1,800 per year with Parking Motel (based on the prices outlined in question 4).
  7. Are there any risks involved? The terms and conditions mean that there are no risks involved. The drivers will be parking ‘at the owners risk’, just like in a private car park. The home insurance implications will depend on the cover that you have so we recommend that you speak with your insurance company to see are there any issues with renting out your space.

  8. What if I let my space for a month but I need it for a day as a one off? You will have the details of the renter and in this case we would suggest that you contact them and deal with them directly on this, maybe offer to pay the local pay and display fee for the day.

  9. My space isn’t always available, can I still let it out? Yes. There is a calendar provided so that you can indicate the particular days of the week/ month that it is free. If you live near to a stadium/ venue you could still make a lot of money by letting your space on match days or when there is a concert for example.

  10. What if someone parks in my space without paying? Parking Motel will only give the exact location of your space once payment has been completed so this cannot happen. You will know when the space is to be occupied because we will notify you by email and/or text.

  11. When do I get paid? Payment is made within 48 hours of the start of the booking period. Check your profile settings and make sure that your bank details are up to date- payments will be made to this bank account. For Long Term Bookings, payments are made monthly at the start date.

Renting a space
  1. How do I find a space? Just Sign In, type the name of the place where you want to park into the search box and search. You can then view each space that appears in the search results and choose which one is best for you.

  2. Once I find the space that I want, what next? You can then select the dates that you want to use the space on an interactive calendar (how many days, weeks, months) and we will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm the booking and payment. Some spaces are enabled for 'Instant Bookings' and so you can just book these immediately.

  3. How much will it cost? This will depend on the space and how long you book it for. The longer the booking, the cheaper the daily rate. For example the owner may charge €5 per day but if you pay for the week they might charge €20 (€4 per day) and if you pay for the month it might be €60 (€3 per day).

  4. How do I pay? You can pay by credit/ debit card on our secure online payment system. If you are renting a space on a weekly/ monthly basis we recommend setting up a direct debit with your debit card so that you do not incur any extra charges.

  5. I can’t see the exact address of the space, how do I know where it is? For security reasons we do not reveal the exact address of the space until payment is received. 

  6. What if I can’t find the space? Once payment is received you will receive an email with confirmation and the exact address of the space and contact details for the space owner. We recommend that you then use a mapping service like Google Maps to get directions. If you still cannot find the address you should call the space owner to see if they can help.

  7. Can I use the space 24/7 or just on specific days and times? This will depend on the space. Some spaces might be occupied by the owner in the evenings and so will be available between 8am and 7pm for example. Other times it will be available all day. This will be clearly stated when you go to book a space.

  8. What if the space that I want is gated? Once payment is received we will send you the code/ key fob for the gate. These spaces will only be let on a monthly basis and there will be a deposit for the key fob if required by the owner.

  9. What if the space needs to be vacated and I am running late? You should contact the space owner immediately and let them know. Maybe you could offer to pay them the cost of a local ‘Pay and Display’ space until you return so they can leave their car somewhere else.
  10. How will the owner know that it is me parking in their space? When you register you will be able to add vehicles (including registration) to your account and the owner will receive this information with the booking confirmation.

General questions
  1. Who are we? Parking Motel is a platform that allows anyone who owns a car parking space (driveway, garage, etc.) to earn extra income by letting it out to people. Drivers can then search for these spaces and rent them using our secure payment system.
  2. How do we make our money? We charge a 15% booking fee.