Booking a Space

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

If you are booking a Parking Space for long-term use, you may not want to pay for the entire booking period in advance. For example, if you plan on booking a Parking Space for 6 months, the total price might be a bit high to pay all at once. That is why you can choose the monthly payment option. So you make the Booking Request for the long-term period and choose the pay monthly option when you are completing the Booking Request. To protect the Space Owner and your Booking Request, we ask that you pay a deposit of one month rent. This means that if your payment fails for some reason (insufficient funds or expired card), the Space Owner can still be paid for that month and you still have the Parking Space.

Some Space Owners may have to give you an access device (i.e. a swipe card, remote control or key) for the parking space. In this case, Space Owners may ask for a deposit for this access device. Drivers will receive their deposit back when they return the access device undamaged to the Space Owner at the end of the booking period.

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