Renting out my space

How does the “No End Date" booking work?

If a Driver wants to book a Parking Space for a long-term period, they can select the “No End Date” option when booking a space. He/she can book a space indefinitely and pay monthly by direct debit. They will also be charged a one month deposit when making the booking. This is to protect the space owner. If a monthly payment fails to be processed, the Space Owner will still be paid using the deposit. When the Driver wishes to finish up in the space, they can cancel the Booking Request. The will have to give 2 weeks notice to the Space Owner to ensure that they receive their deposit back in full. You can find out more about the Cancellation Policy just here.

No End Date is a great way for Drivers to secure a Booking Request in the same location for long periods of time (eg. a location needed for work). By choosing this option, other Drivers will not be able to rent the Parking Space until the Driver cancels the Booking Request.

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