Renting out my space

How much should I charge for my Parking Space?

That’s a good question! Every location has a different level of demand for parking. Realistically it's your space to rent and you can charge any price you see fit. However, we would recommend that you check out your local car parks or pay and display prices and judge your pricing from that. 

Drivers are always looking for cheaper parking so we would recommend you lower your prices in comparison to your local parking facilities. This way you can build up high demand for your own parking space and rent it out more frequently, giving you a steady flow of income. 

When you add a Parking Space you can choose a daily, weekly and/or monthly price. We recommend that you charge below the average rate in your area. So if the private car parks are €6 per day, you should charge €4 or €5 per day. There should also be a discount for weekly/monthly rentals. If you charge €5 per day you might charge €20 per week (€4 per day) and €60 per month (€3 per day).

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