Parking Motel


Founded in November 2012, Parking Motel is a reliable marketplace to list, find and book cheaper parking spaces in Ireland.

Trusted by over 10,000 users

Who can rent out their space?

Anybody can rent out their space on Parking Motel. It does not cost anything to add your space to our site. People who have apartments in town and do not use their car park space use Parking Motel. They rent their space to people who work close by and earn an extra bonus each month!

Management companies of apartment complexes have realised that half of their spaces are left empty most of the day and they issue extra parking discs/ fobs to local businesses. The workers who use these spaces are gone before the tenants of the complex come home. Homeowners are also doing this with private driveways.

Your space might only be vacant while you are out at work and so you can rent it to someone who works in your area during these hours. Spaces that are close to a train/ Luas station, a busy village or a football stadium will be in more demand and so you can charge a higher price for that space.

Is it Safe?

We do not give out the exact address of the space until it has been paid for by a registered Parking Motel user so there is no way that others can find out where you live and use your spot.

It actually provides security for your home because having a car in front of your house gives the impression that somebody is home at all times. It is also safer (and cheaper) to leave your car in one of our spots rather than in a public/ private car park or on the street.

What do we get?

Parking Motel charge a 15% booking fee (incl. VAT) from the driver. This means that space owners are not charged for using the service and 100% of the advertised price by the owner will go straight into the space owners bank account.